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Swabbing Down the American Mess in Afghanistan

History often tends to repeat itself. This adage has gained currency in the contemporary Afghan context. Afghanistan is a hot mess right now. There...

Why It Is Important To Have A Soft Image?

Soft image matters. This is a modern world with modern rules that govern it. Nowadays, a nation's international standing is not depended entirely on...

Unending Plight of National Language (Urdu)

Although the only national language of the state and mother tongue of millions, Urdu is having a hard time in Pakistan. The nation's romance...

Indian Aggression – A Face Saving Drill?

Pakistan and India have been at daggers drawn since their independence. In recent times, however, relations between the two neighboring countries have been passing...

Major Events Happened In 2020

Racial discrimination and Corona kept news headlines crowded in the entire year 2020. However, many other events changed the world dramatically. Following is the list...

Ishaq Dar Blames IK and State Departments to Save his Face

Pakistan's former finance minister and now a fugitive 'Ishaq Dar' claimed in an interview to BBC HardTalk that all the allegations against him are made...

New Report Of European Disinfo Lab

India is bent upon aggressively promoting disinformation around the world. This strategy comes in the ambit of the fifth-generation war. Through media, fake news is...